Arianna Farms Ono Kona - Kona Festival Winner

Arianna Farms Ono Kona - Kona Festival Winner

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About Arianna Farms Ono Kona - Kona Festival Winner

Arianna FarmsNew crop arrived mid April, 2013 after having won the Kona Coffee Festival's Coffee Crown Competition for an unprecented third time. We have had a relationship with this farm for five years. Production is very small and just a handful of US companies are able to offer the coffee due its limited availability. Arianna's Ono is a mixture of larger beans, not a single grade; when offered the choice of separating the coffee into multiple grades, we opted to retain the same mix that won the competition. The coffee is all washed immediately after harvest and goes through a traditional wetmill process. Varietal is a newer Typica varietal. The farm also grows “Old Hawaiian” Guatemalan Typica brought to Kona more than 80 years ago. There is a great deal of interest in preservation of the ecosystem and the farm emphasizes the planting of native Hawaiian trees, including the Ohia, to optimize bird habitats.

This was a very difficult year for Kona and for Arianna in particular. They lost 2/3 of their crop to Broca, which is a small worm which destroys ripe coffee cherry. The surviving coffee plants were unaffected and the quality is very high, but the amount of coffee available to us this year was only 1/3 our usual allotment. We are able to only offer 50 pounds of it to our customers!

Like many farms in Kona, elevation is does not exceed 2000 feet, however, the moist shoreline micro climate with sunny mornings and misty afternoons, along with warm tropical showers and volcanic soil contribute greatly to the unique cup. Arianna processes all its coffee through traditional wetmill processing. Coffee is grown pesticide and herbicide free.

3 time First Place Winner
Kona Coffee Cultural Festival
Kona Coffee
Cupping Competition

"The Crown Cupping Competition"

Located in Holualoa on the historic Kona Coffee Belt Road, Arianna Farms overlooks Kona and Kailua Bay. Arianna Farms’ history begins as a love story. Owners Sharon and Robert first came to Kona on their honeymoon and they “fell in love with the people, the coffee, and the land and we knew we wanted to become part of the history of this beautiful place”.

The farm possesses rich volcanic soil, along with land that is rich in history—from a royal pig hunting ground for the Hawaiian King to one of the original Kona Coffee farm areas. This continues even today as friends come to hunt pig to roast for a family luau and Sharon and Robert continue to nurture and harvest the rare varietal called ‘Old Hawaiian’.

Named after their daughter, Robert and Sharon consider themselves “the stewards of this land” and they work hard to do our best by it; they are committed to restoring native Hawaiian plants and tall trees to the farm. Working with a native Hawaiian plant specialist, they are re-introducing native species throughout the property. And, with a grant from the US Department of Fish and wildlife, they are also planting native tall trees, such as Ohia and Koa, to foster a habitat for birds in hopes of inviting a return of indigenous Hawaiian birds that have generally moved to elevations above 4000 feet.

Members of Kona Coffee Council.

Cup Characteristics: Very clean and sweet. Fine acidity. Mild, refined cup that is soft and subtle. Honey, hints of melon and berries. Medium heavy, round body with milk chocolate mouthfeel. Pleasantly lingering aftertaste. Harmonious balance.

Roast notes: Though there are fans of dark roasted Kona we are not among them. Roast FC to FC+ to bring out the refinements of this coffee and develop its body.

Hawaii coffee facts:

Population (2006) State of Hawaii: 1.21 million people
Coffee Production: 50,000 bags (60 kg)
Local bag capacity: 100 pounds
Cultivated Area: 8,000 acres (3235 hectares)

Harvests: August to November

Arabica Introduced: Coffee initially introduced from Brazil by Samuel Ruggles; it was later in the 19th century that better coffee was planted.

Specialty Coffee Regions: Kona. Production also in Kauai, Maui and Ka'u.

Grades: Extra Fancy, Fancy, #1, Prime, Peaberry.

Farms: In Kona, about 600 farms, most 3 to 7 acres.

Botanical Varietals: Kona Typica, Guatemala.


When Hawaii became a state in 1959 the price of land rose sharply and Kona coffee could no longer compete on a price level with coffee produced in less developed countries. Kona is also gifted with an unusual micro-climate wherein morning sun mixes with moisture filled air from the Pacific. When this air reaches the mountain slopes, it rises. Cloud cover then blankets the slopes at around 2,500 feet. Early afternoon brings rain. This climate with cloud cover makes it unnecessary to grow shade trees.