Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Gutiti Grade 1

Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Gutiti Grade 1

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About Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Gutiti Grade 1

Arrived August 2014.

Ethiopia Yrgacheffe is one of our favorite coffees. Located close to the Sidama Guji area in Ethiopia, Gutiti is the name of a sub-city in Yrgacheffe which sits at about 2,000 meters above sea level. There are 700 small holders in that particular Yrgacheffe area who are involved in producing this coffee. Once harvested the coffee is moved to the Alemu mill for processing, the mill is owned by Werka Bauka and is located in the Mendero Mountains to the south of Sidama.

The wetmill or washing station is part of the Kochere Coffee Cooperative. We have been finding the best quality coffee from Kochere in recent years. The coffee is an Heirloom varietal and is fully washed then dried on traditional African style beds. This is a very nice lot, with lots of florality and citrus. When these coffees are done well they rank among the best available, sweet, a bit wild but in a constrained way, assertive. Body is substantial and smooth.

Kochere is a tiny area within Yrgacheffe with a washing station where local farmers can bring their coffee harvest for processing. The farms themselves are generally very small. The washing station, which acts as something of a community center, is well run. The manager takes pride in running a tight ship and insuring that the cherry coming in for processing is exceptional and sorted appropriately. A great deal of time is spent hand sorting pergamino (dried coffee in husk) for defects during its drying period on raised African beds.

Cup Characteristics: Bright, sweet, very clean, citrusy. Hints of melon. Chocolate body. Crisp with lingering finish. Spicy, bold flavor notes. A powerful cup but resonates with elegance. Highly aromatic. A good daily coffee candidate for connoisseurs.

Roasting Notes: FC is a nice level for this coffee, taking it up to but not pushing fully into second crack. Or, at City+ the floral/lemony character is better preserved while the body will be a bit reduced. This coffee is interesting over a range of roasts and profiles.


Ethiopia coffee facts:

Population (2206): 75 Million People
Domestic Consumption: 1.5 Million bags per year
Coffee Export: 1.5 Million Bags of 60 Kg. (132.29 lb.)
Cultivated Area: 400,000 Hectares (988,000 Acres)

-- Unwashed: October to March
-- Washed: end of July to December

Arabica Introduced: The birthplace of coffee. Oldest recognized country of origin for uncultivated Arabica species.

331,130 (94%) Smallholdings (less than or equal to 2.47 acres)
19,000 (6%) Government

Specialty Coffees:
Washed: Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Limu, Bebeka

Unwashed: Harrar, Sidamo, Djimmah, Lekempti (wild coffee trees)

Botanical Varietals: Numerous indigenous cultivars.


About 50% of the coffee produced in Ethiopia is consumed there as the population has a rich coffee drinking culture, replete with ceremony and tradition.