Colombia Cup of Excellence 2009

We’ve been in Pereira, Colombia for the past week as members of the Cup of Excellence jury.  Yesterday was the final day with the ranking of the top ten coffees followed by the awards ceremony.  It was both an interesting day of cupping as well as a delightful and touching ceremony.  Four coffees attained scores over 90 points and earned the Presidential Award distinction.  The first place coffee, scoring 91.68 points, was from the Department of Meta, a highly mountainous region of central Colombia, while the second through fourth place finalists were from Huila.  The top five scoring coffees are below. The first four earned the CoE Presidential Award for attaining a score above 90 points. The auction for these coffees will be held April 23rd.

Lot # Farm Farmer Score
1 El Porvenir Alejandro Florez 91.68
2 Bellavista Javier Sanjuan Gomez 90.63
3 El Progreso Leonte Collazos Rojas 90.21
4 Villarrica Cenen Bambague 90.03
5 Divino Ñiño Maria Deya Camacho 89.75

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