A company is born

08 Nov

After more than 21 years in the specialty coffee roasting business, Bob and I have branched out with this new venture –  It’s completely geared to the home coffee roaster who is seeking the best coffees and equipment.   After much preparation the site has launched and we are hard at work cupping coffees worthy of being added to the current offerings.

Cupping is something we do a lot and I think, after all these years and cups, we have developed quite a good sense of things.  Right now we are looking to fill in some slots in the lineup.  Guatemala offers a whole range of coffee styles, many of them interesting, yet top Antiguas are usually the best known.  We are looking at other regions:  Atitlan, Fraijanes, Coban, Huehuetenango and elsewhere to provide you with a variety of coffee experiences from that great coffee origin. 

Likewise, we are seeking coffees of distinction from single plantations throughout Colombia and Brazil; we are looking at best qualities from Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi and unusual coffees from Ethiopia.  Rare and exotic coffees from places throughout the world, some of them obscure.  And, for the caffeine-challenged, decaffeinated coffees that don’t force you to compromise on flavor.

We will try to keep you abreast of our efforts, work and fun, and look forward to your input. is an indulgence in coffee excellence and we look forward to sharing our experience and expertise with you.


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