Electric Kettle Showdown

28 Aug

Hario and Bonavita are both about to release new electric kettles, the Hario V60 Buono Electric Power Kettle and the Bonavita Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle. They both feature a stainless steel finish, a gooseneck spout for controllable pour-over dispersion, electric base plate, and cordless capabilities. Both have knobs on the lid and a plastic handle to make pouring easy and safe.

Hario Electric Buono

Bonavita Variable Electric Kettle

The real battle of the kettles arises when one considers the differences. Priced at $75.00 the Hario provides ease of operation, key in an electric kettle. There aren’t many bells and whistles here, with an auto-shut off and a “boil dry protection” feature, the kettle will automatically cut off power if it’s turned on without any water inside. Aesthetically, it has a cool factor, with a ribbed body and a classic kettle shape. The design matches other Hario V60 pieces. Maximum capacity is just under a liter at 27 ounces.

On the other hand, the Bonavita is priced at $89.99, but for the extra money you get a whole set of features that could be worth your while. This kettle offers you the option of Fahrenheit and Celsius, and a “hold” button will maintain any temperature for up to an hour. The most significant feature is the ability to set a target temperature, starting at 140F and continuing in 1 degree increments. Temperature can also be set with any of 6 presets. It is also equipped with a count-up timer for accurate timing of coffee brewing or steeping tea. The maximum capacity on this kettle is 1 liter (33.8 ounces).

Temperature is adjustableYesNo
Temperature presetsYesNo
Fahrenheit & CelsiusYesNo
Count-up timerYesNo
Gooseneck SpoutYesYes
Boil dry protectionNoYes
Cord coils underneathYesYes
Stainless finishYesYes
Our Price:$94.99$74.99
Free ShippingYesNo

To purchase:  Bonavita Variable Electric Kettle or Hario Electric Buono.

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