Bonavita brewer joins SCAA short list

10 Feb

The Bonavita coffee brewer, new to the market, has become one of four coffeemakers to receive certification from the Specialty Coffee Association of America.  Each must be capable of brewing coffee to the standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Manufactured by the German company Melitta, this 1.2 liter brewer is capable of maintaining brewing temperatures in the 200 to 205 degree range. Brew times are 5 to 6 minutes and the brewer has a small footprint 12″ high, 11″ length, 6″ wide.  It has no timers nor programming features, functioning simply.

Bonavita Thermal Coffee Maker BV-1800TH

The Bonavita releases water only after it has attained the proper temperature. The spray head completely saturates coffee grounds and produces an ideal extraction. This brewer comes with a high quality 8 cup glass lined thermal carafe that will maintain the coffee temperature for longer. While glass lined thermal carafes have the possibility of breakage, they are also easier to clean than all steel models and do not stain internally; replacements, should they be needed, or additional carafes, are not expensive.

At our selling price of $149.99 including free shipping, the Bonavita 8 cup Thermal Coffeemaker represents a quality home brewer at a fair price. See our site for details or to order


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