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21 Dec

Baratza has upgraded the Virtuoso grinder by using the same burr set found in their more expensive Preciso model. This change happened in December 2011 and all of the Virtuosos now for sale on our site are the latest model. The new Virtuoso model is #586 which replaces #585.  These new burrs reduce the ‘fines’ in all levels of grind and nearly double the speed of grind from about 1 g/second to about 2 g/second.

Virtuoso burrs compared

Virtuoso burrs compared

In the photo below the lower burrs are shown by themselves, without the upper burrs in their working position.  This shows off more of the differences in the burr design.  The lower burr set of the model 586 can channel coffee better and more quickly.

Virtuoso lower burrs compared

Virtuoso lower burrs compared

The Preciso grinder has been paired in some cafes with the Esatto base for a Grind-By Weight system which allows users to grind and weigh simultaneously, mostly for use with manual brewing stations.  Because some of the Preciso’s micro adjustments were overkill, Baratza started producing custom Virtuoso grinders with Preciso burrs for cafe brew stations.  After awhile it became apparent that the Preciso burrs would make sense as a permanent upgrade.

The price has increased and minimum selling price of the model 586 is $229.  We include free shipping in the continental US.


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  1. ElGuano

    July 18, 2012 at

    Thanks for the side by side pictures, very helpful. There are a lot of pics/videos of the old burrs (including of the Virtuoso Preciso–maybe pre-production models sent to reviewers?) so it can be confusing to those trying to figure out which is which.