Hottop adds new thermocouple

20 Sep

The newest shipment of Hottop KN-8828B-2 roasters, known more affectionately around here simply as model B, will now be equipped with a K-style thermocouple. The new thermocouple replaces the original button style thermal sensor that was on the back wall of the roaster. This new thermocouple, which is extended away from the rear wall, will give more accurate temperature display and faster response time. Die to the cost and complexity involved, Hottop will not make an upgrade available for older roaster models. Roasters equipped with the thermocouple are now designated as model KN-8828B-2-K. All B roasters in our inventory are now this model.

Hottop has, at the same time, changed some of the programmed safety features of the roaster.  The programmable P model, formally KN-8828P-2, does not get the thermocouple at this time.


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