Hottop raising prices in June

14 May

Hottop USA announced price increases to its distributors to be effective June 15.  The minimum selling price for Hottop model KN-8828B-2 will be $820, a $100 increase; the programmable KN-8828P-2 will become $1000, an $80 increase.  Hottop pricing has been constant for four years as the price of just about everything has risen.  The company cites rising metal and fuel costs and points out that they have made numerous design improvements during these past years. will offer both Hottop models at the lowest allowable selling price.  You have until June 15 to purchase both models at their current minimum prices:  $720 and $920 respectively. Both model KN-8828B-2 and KN-8828P-2 are in stock and available.  Buy now to save in advance of the upcoming increase.


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