Baratza consolidates their grinder lineup

17 Feb

Baratza will soon introduce the ‘New Maestro Plus’ grinder, identical to the former model with two exceptions:

  • The base upon which it stands, which was formerly all metal, will now be made of plastic that is internally fitted with some metal to retain its weight.
  • The change above will enable the price to drop about $20.  Our price for the new Maestro Plus will be $129 upon its arrival around the 20th of February – the lowest price Baratza allows them to be sold.

Concurrently, Baratza will discontinue the Maestro, which had been the lowest price grinder they made as well as the lightest.  Until now, the Maestro and Maestro Plus have both had the same conical burrs and offered identical grinding performance, so this consolidation of the two models into one simplifies the Baratza line.  After the Maestro product consolidation is complete the company will have four models in all, each with its own differentiated burr sets and performance features.  Those four will consist of:

  • ‘new’ Maestro Plus
  • Virtuoso
  • Preciso
  • Vario
Redesigned Baratza Maestro Plus

Redesigned Baratza Maestro Plus

The grinder will be available on our site within a couple of days.


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