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Best of Panama and Esmeralda auctions 2011

The Best of Panama auction was held today with stunning price results.  Five coffees achieved prices over $50 a pound.  The first and second place coffees, both Geishas from Finca La Valentina and Hacienda Esmeralda Especial, brought $70.25 and $75.25 respectively.  The top non-Geisha was from Kotowa Don K from Cafe Kotowa, a Caturra and Typica blend that fetched $20.75 a pound. Much of today’s auction winners were from Japan.

We were judges at Best of Panama this year and on the first day there was a special cupping of natural process coffees.  The growers in Panama, notably in Boquete and Volcan, are pushing the envelope of what can be achieved.  Two naturals brought in the top prices in the auction: Don Pachi Geisha natural brought a stunning $111.50 a pound, and, Colga Alfa from Esmeralda earned $88.50.  In the near future we will have two of the coffees that were auctioned today, so stay tuned!

Last Tuesday, May 17, was the dedicated 2011 Esmeralda Special. Happily, we were the successful bidders with one of our colleagues their Montana lot, their newest growing plot and in our opinion the best coffee they offered this year.  It is also the scarcest with only 600 total pounds available.  Two Montana lots, one of them ours, fetched the highest prices in the auction at $52.50 and $53.50 a pound.  A very limited amount will be available green to our Roastmasters customers so let us know if you have interest.  The coffee should arrive in about a month.

Best of Panama 2011 auction results

Hacienda Esmeralda Especial 2011 auction results


Hottop raising prices in June

Hottop USA announced price increases to its distributors to be effective June 15.  The minimum selling price for Hottop model KN-8828B-2 will be $820, a $100 increase; the programmable KN-8828P-2 will become $1000, an $80 increase.  Hottop pricing has been constant for four years as the price of just about everything has risen.  The company cites rising metal and fuel costs and points out that they have made numerous design improvements during these past years. will offer both Hottop models at the lowest allowable selling price.  You have until June 15 to purchase both models at their current minimum prices:  $720 and $920 respectively. Both model KN-8828B-2 and KN-8828P-2 are in stock and available.  Buy now to save in advance of the upcoming increase.