Hottop KN-8828P-2-K Programmable Digital Drum Roaster

Hottop KN-8828P-2-K Programmable Digital Drum Roaster

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About Hottop KN-8828P-2-K Programmable Digital Drum Roaster

Now, with the very latest enhancements and safety features, the terrific KN-8828P-2 shown here and the programmable KN-8828B-2 make up the Hottop product line. Both "B-2" and "P-2" offer a lot of roasting control than older models by allowing the user to determine temperature settings and fan speed. The "B" models offers basic programming and the "P" model advanced programming. Both models share the same body but use different control boards and interfaces; each can be set to fully automatic operations. The "P" model is the most advanced roaster Hottop offers and likely the best home roaster on the market today. It offers full profile control - save 10 different custom programs, each with up to 8 custom segments. You can experiment and tweak roasts to exacting standards.

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The B model offers basic, simpler programming and does not allow for profiles to be set. Both models can be set to fully automatic operations so they can roast as simply as you choose. A comparison of both Hottop models is shown below.

The Hottop Model KN-8828P Digital Home Drum Coffee Roaster is a very nice, sturdily built machine which is modeled after a professional shop roaster, only in miniature. Its polished stainless steel barrel exterior is very eye-catching but better still is the completely stainless roasting drum. In our own tests we feel coffee roasted with the Hottop roaster models produce results closest to professionally roasted coffee. Users can roast the full range of roast styles from light to dark.

Upgrade announced mid December, 2010: Hottop has added an emergency manual bean eject system which is a safety improvement allowing the immediate release of all coffee in situations such as power failure. If you purchased a Hottop from Roastmasters since late summer 2010 this feature was already incorporated, but had not been announced.

The Hottop body has been produced for quite a few years. In 2007 The B and P models were introduced which provided users with new features and control panels. Since the body and interior construction were not changed, upgrade kits are available so that you can bring your prior Hottop models to these new standards. This is only if you have a much older Hottop. In December 2010, the safety ejection control is officially added to the B and P models, and the designation B-2 and P-2 will now be used for the most up-to-date roasters.

  • Height: 14 inch
  • Width: 10 inch
  • Depth: 19 inch
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Warranty: 1 year

Hottop Model KN-8828P-2 Features

  • Computer controlled roasting for accuracy and repeatability
  • Fully automatic roasting & cooling when desired
  • All aspects of roast can be preset or adjusted during roast
  • User can end roast at any time
  • Capacity: 250g - 300g per roasting (9 ounces/250g optimal)
  • External cooling tray with agitation arm and cooling fan. Beans cool in 4 to 5 minutes
  • Easy cleaning
  • Very quiet operation
  • Built-in smoke reduction system
  • Stainless steel cover and drum
  • Large window gives good view of the beans during roasting
  • Audible signalling of roast progress
  • Heat element: 750 Watts
  • Steel Drum: 4 x 8 inches
  • Viewing window: 4 inches

New features:

  • 10 programmable memory locations.
  • Each program has 8 segments. Each segment up to 3 minutes. Maximum roast time is 22 minutes.
  • Multiple safety features including the latest emergency bean ejector.
  • Target time, target temperature, fan speed, or heater power can be preset for each segment and additionally changed during roast.
  • Color LCD display. With this model the color of screens change depending on which function is being performed. This color coding makes the screen functions intuitive.
  • Not sensitive to the line voltage changes, so no regulator such as a Variac needed, to maintain proper voltage.
  • Built-in temperature safety features (user must press any key to continue roasting if darker roast desired when Hottop temperature displays 415 F, otherwise Hottop will dump the beans and shut off the machine automatically).
  • 15 to 17 minutes for a 250 grams (i.e. 9 oz or 1/2 lb) batch.
The Hottop KN-8828P-2 control panel.


Control Panel Display and Functions

1. Countdown Timer - shows total amount of time left in the current roasting process.

2. Roasting Chamber Temperature - shows current roasting chamber temperature.

3. Fan State - current speed setting of the fan.

4. Current State- Roasting, Plus Time, Cooling, etc.

5. Individual Programmable Roasting Segments - These bars show the portion of the programmed temperature which has been achieved for that segment.

6. Progress of current segment - In the same way the vertical bar shows temperature progress, these four squares show how the programmed time for the current segment is progressing. Each one indicates 25% of the time for that particular segment. Here you see that this segment is at about 50% of the programmed time.

7. Time remaining - shows time left for the current, active segment.

8. Segment temperature - This bar represents the user's programmed temperature for that segment.

Lighting on the LCD screen changes depending on which mode or function is in use to alert the user.

The heat guard grill shown here on a previous model is the same as on present models. There is one guard on each side and they should always be in place for safety. However, they can be easily removed when cleaning.


Comparison of Hottop B and P models
  B Model P Model
Temp Control
Fan Speed Control
Time Control
Heating Element Power Control
Choice of Auto or Manual
No. programs memorized
True profile setting
Number of programmed segments
Add more time at end of roast
* B model allows total time to be set or increased up to 25 minutes, ample for any roast.


How does the Hottop Model KN-8828P-2 work?

Keep it simple: The Hottop is a simple and straightforward roaster to operate. Like prior models, enjoyed by many home roasters, the new B model can be operated on automatic by simply pressing 'Power/Start' button three times. The default program is 18 minutes and/or a target temperature of 422 degrees; the coffee ejects whichever comes first. The roaster will begin warming up followed by a beep that it is ready. Measure and pour green coffee into the top funnel. The roaster is capable of roasting 300 grams but 250 grams are recommended - that's about 9 ounces, but you can roast less too.

Take control of every step: In advance you can program as many as 8 roast segments though you do not have to program a change for each one. You can determine the target temperature or time for the segment. Fan speed and heating element power adjust to meet your request. At the end of the roast you can add up to six 30-second "plus time" segments for a maximum roast time of 25 minutes. Save up to ten of these roast profiles for repeating or editing in future. Once you tweak a roast for a given coffee to your specific taste you will be able to repeat that roast by recalling the program.

There is a cleaning routine, described in detail in the manual (see page bottom), to keep your Hottop running smoothly for years to come.

The cooling tray and stirrer mimics larger, professional drum roasters.

Looking down the stainless steel roasting chamber. The entire roasting drum removes for cleaning. The single, brass screw shown just above center adjusts the drum when needed.

The chaff collection tray should be emptied after each roast

Top of roaster with cover in place.
Front view of roaster.

Manufacturer's Specifications and Guarantee

One year manufacturer's warranty. Hottop Coffee Roasters are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty is applicable solely in the continental United States. Shipping & handling charges are not covered by the warranty.

User manual can be downloaded here  in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.