Indonesia coffee facts:

Population (2020): 274 Million People
Coffee Production: 11.5 Million bags (60 kg)
Arabica 2.0 million bags; Robusta 9.5 million bags
Country bag capacity: 132 pounds - 60 kg
Domestic Consumption: 4.2 Million bags per year
Coffee Export: 7.3 Million Bags
Cultivated Area: 250,000 Hectares

Harvests: Year round depending on region with peaks March to June.

Arabica Introduced: Introduced in Java by the Dutch mid 17th century.

Specialty Coffee Regions: Sumatra (Aceh), Java, Timor, Sulawesi (formerly Celebes), Bali.

Grades: Grade 1 triple picked, grade 1 double picked, grade 1 , grade 2


All Arabica plantations were destroyed in 1877 by a coffee disease.