Kenya AB Chinga auction lot

Kenya AB Chinga auction lot

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About Kenya AB Chinga auction lot

Arrived March 2013 from the mid-year aka 'fly' crop in Kenya. Another top Kenya auction lot, Ruera Estate has garnered some exceptional rankings in reviews in recent years. Ruera Estate is located in the Thika District northeast from Nairobi. Though a large estate some excellent coffee is produced here. Coffee of this quality is difficult to find at this time of year.

Location: 30 Km North of Nairobi and 10 Km from Ruiru town
Altitude: 1575 meters, 5170 feet, semi- arid
Latitude: Between 1.12146˚ S 1.16193˚ S
Longitude: 36.9283
Climate: Average 840mm rain annually
Area: 444 hectare
Hydrology: Mugutha and Theta rivers

Coffee processed here are the classic Bourbon offshoots SL28 and SL34. It is shade grown with Arachis Pintol trees planted between rows. After harvesting, all the coffee is wet processed: double fermentation followed by sun drying on raised tables, mechanical drying only when required by weather. Local soil is lateritic red sand loam.

Cup Characteristics: Big bodied, full blackcurrant and stout flavors. Citrus notes. Sweet toned with hints of dark chocolate.

Roasting Notes: Like most top Kenya AAs, these beans are hard and dense and can be roasted to a variety of darkness levels. Most floral and delicate notes will be presented at City+ to FC range. The delicate nuances of this coffee will present themselves at lightly roasted levels but be sure to have a full first crack. Behmor users try P1 or P3.