Colombia Granja Esperanza Yellow Bourbon

Colombia Granja Esperanza Yellow Bourbon

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About Colombia Granja Esperanza Yellow Bourbon

Arrived January 2016 in grainpro bags and being offered for the first time in September. Cafe Granja La Esperanza manages 3 farms: Cerro Azul, Potosi, and Las Margaritas in eight distinct microclimates located in three mountain ranges in Colombia, which gives the experienced agronomists behind Cafe Granja La Esperanza plenty of room to experiment with a number of variables, such as microclimates, processing methods, and varietals. The team at Granja La Esperanza is driven by a combination of science, business, and an obsession with quality coffee. The team creates milling and processing protocols tailored for each distinctive microclimate and varietal.

This particular coffee comes from the Las Margaritas farm in the Valle de Cauca region and is a Yellow Bourbon vartietal, the total crop is only 4.3 hectares. The coffee is picked then depulped without water and sits in fermentation tanks for about 20 hours until it is fully washed and mechanically dried.

The staff is so dedicated to quality and research that they recently spent two years studying the famous Geisha varietal in Boquete Panama, on a property adjacent to the famed Peterson Esmeralda farm, before becoming the first producers to bring the varietal to Colombia at their Finca Cerro Azul in Trujillo. Their dedication to quality goes so far that coffee harvesters must demonstrate a level of excellence during a five month training period before being qualified to pick the Geisha cherries at the peak of ripeness.

In addition to winning the Triple Crown Award at SCAA in 2012, coffees from Cafe Granja La Esperanza were also used in competition by the winners of the Brewer's Cup and Roasters Choice Awards. Their hard work was described as an unrelenting quest to steadily obtain the most perfect cup of coffee" and this coffee is proof of their success in this quest.

This Yellow Bourbon coffee was used in and won 1st place at the Dutch Barista Championship this past year in 2016 by two time champion Lex Wenneker.

Region: Caicedonia, Valle del Cauca
Producer: Granja La Esperanza
Grade: AA (largest beans)
Altitude: 5,750-5,900 feet
Cultivar: Yellow Bourbon
Milling: Washed
Picking: Every 4 days during harvest season and only fully matured cherries

Cup Characteristics:  Enticing aroma. Caramel, citrus, grapefruit and vanilla flavors. Very well balanced with just the right proportions of body and acidity. Balsamic, acetic acidity.

Roasting Notes: High grown, hard and durable coffee can be roasted throughout the light to dark spectrum. It will display its acidity and refinement best when roasted more lightly, about 2/3 of the way between first and second crack. Stretch out the time between cracks to expand the body if desired. Can be dark roasted but you will sacrifice many of the nuances that this lovely coffee has.

Colombia coffee facts:

Main crop seasons vary depending on location. For many the main crop is Sept - December. Some regions have a mid crop as well.

Population: 43.6 Million people
Domestic Consumption: 1.8 Million Bags of 70 Kg. (154 lb.)
Coffee Export: 12.5 Million Bags of 70 Kg. (154 lb.)
Cultivated Area: 1.1 Million Hectares (2.7 Million Acres)
Harvest: Main Crop: October to January (60%)
Fly Crop: April to June (40%)
Note: In Narino, due to its geography, Main and Fly crop seasons are reversed.
Arabica Introduced: From the Carribean through Venezuela
Farms: 300,000

Specialty Coffees:
Supremo basis of a 17 screen size
Excelso basis of a 16/17 screen size

Botanical Varieties:
Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Maragogype, Variety Colombia (hybrid of Timor and Caturra)

Crop Comments

Colombia is the second largest exporter of Arabica coffee in the world. All coffee grown is Arabica species, and mostly all is grown at high elevation and wet processed. Supremo is the country's highest grade though the highest elevation coffee can be smaller and thus not able to make the size grade although more concentrated. Colombia coffee has a well-earned reputation as having fine body, pleasant acidity and clean flavor. Each region brings a little something different to the final product.